How Internal Organs Relate to Skin Health

A beautiful outcome of an acupuncture treatment is improvement in one’s facial complexion. There are specific cosmetic techniques, and including the approach of treating the entire person it will boost the vitality of the spirit shining through the complexion. by Katie Borchert, NMD, MSOM, Pain Recovery Therapy and Esoteric Acupuncture Treating the imbalances, stagnation and … Read more

Use Citrus Peels to Promote Better Health

In Eastern herbal medicine, tangerine peel is included in many formulas. “Let thy food be thy medicine” is a rule that as a naturopathic and Eastern medicine doctor comes up with every person.  What we eat is integral to nourishing our cells, connecting with the earth, and connecting with friends and family. One basic component … Read more

Protecting the Emperor Organ: The Heart

This continues to play out in daily interactions with people when I see how changes in qi and blood flow, yin and yang status, really affect the organs and what we actually experience as “dis-ease.” Eastern medicine views the organs as members of the kingdom, with the heart as the emperor. The heart houses the … Read more

Intermittent Fasting: Trendy or Reality?

It warms my heart when clients tell me they are using intermittent fasting to regain their health. It is an easy plan to adapt to many routines. Prolonging the length of time between feedings gives the proper cues of going through and recycling macronutrients no longer useful. This results in proper energy balance, making it … Read more

Protect Yourself Naturally, Seek Balance

The upcoming holidays prompt behaviors and emotions not usually expressed other times of the year. We eat differently, socialize and celebrate more, travel, see family, spend money and feel everything from elation to grief to extreme stress. For whatever reason we put ourselves (and our cells) through this annually, it is becoming more apparent that stress … Read more

Find Your Kidney Organ System’s Yin-Yang Balance

The Taoist philosophy of yin-yang balance is the root for health, and the imbalance in these opposing forces is illness.  Last month, we covered how organ structures and bodily fluids are yin in nature. Yang then refers to the movement and function of the organs and systems. Yang is the beating of the heart, warming … Read more

Preserving Our Yin to Ease the Way

There is a widely accepted worldview that as we age in years, the body deteriorates. However, I know it is possible for everybody to be comfortable in their body, no matter age. I have worked with inspiring elders who are the epitome of health and vitality. Then what is the difference between them and elders … Read more

Rest and Recreation: Key to a Healthy Life

All the components of living and existing — breathing, hydrating, sleeping, nourishing/digesting, rest/recreation and love — are the determinants of one’s health. They are the major pieces of the puzzle when deciding how to improve quality of living. There is no order of importance; however, I am going to focus on what I see clinically … Read more

Siberian Ginseng: A Herb for Restoration

The ginsengs are a fantastic group of adaptogenic herbs now expanding to include more plants not even true to the ginseng species. This tells me we associate the name ginseng with herbs that give a general boost to the body. This action is vague, but as we get to know the various ginseng plants better, … Read more